27 September 2011

She moved through the fair (Jerod's Third Tale - Part 2)

It was a short drive to the building Ted told me about, but we are talking about Twinbrook where everything is a short drive. I found the place easily enough, just a modest little building with two sets of doors, just a few steps away from the stadium. Just being this close to the stadium brought back pleasant memories of my first and only heist job for the Company.

It was pretty obvious which was going to be the office door and which would be the store area.

I wandered in the office door and found an earnest looking young guy sitting at a small desk. There was a second much larger desk in the room. He looked up when he noticed me.

“May I help you?”

“I presume you are Howie Kernan?”

“Yes, but how did you know that?”

“I’m Jerod Shrimpton, the owner.”

“Oh, so you're the boss. I'm pleased to finally meet you. I had thought I'd meet you during the interview but you didn’t …”

“I had an agency handling the matter. They have a great deal of experience handling interviews, I'm more used to working with people after they have the job.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“So, when did you actually start?”

“Yesterday, sir, but there isn't a lot to do. I've been familiarising myself with the forms and the procedures manual. It's all on this computer.”

The business already has forms and manuals? I had no idea. Still, best not to let Howie know that small detail so I nodded my approval. “That sounds good. Things might be a bit slow for another couple of weeks but I should be arranging our first shipment soonish.”

“I feel like I'm sitting here wasting company money,” Howie told me with a rueful smile.

“No, don't worry about it,” I told him. “Better for you to be acquainted with the place then come in after the first shipment and have to learn it all at once.” And the Company has deep pockets when it comes to long term investments. I'm not worried, he's not wasting my dough.

“You’re the boss, Mr Shrimpton.”

“Howie, this is a two man office. There's really no need for formalities. Just call me Jerod. Not sir, not boss and definitely not Mr Shrimpton. So, why the hell were you willing to move to a tiny place like Twinbrook?”

“I wanted to be far far away from the place where the girl of my dreams told me 'Let's just be friends.' I tried to stick it out but every time I saw her, a hole opened up in my heart." I could see the memories flickering though his mind. It was obvious that his feelings for her had run very deep. "A new town, new people, and a new job is exactly what I was looking for.”

“I’d recommend the Red Rendezvous then. It's the local drinking hole and the place where everybody meets.” I stopped to think for a moment. “Might even be some live music tonight.” It's been too long since our band had a session. I should head over and try to set one up. “Your day here is over. Go home or go to the pub.”

“Jerod, will you be in tomorrow?”

“Maybe, but probably not. Have a few things to get ready before heading overseas for a deal. I might pop in to the storage area and have a look.”

"Not much to see right now. No one has been around to clear out the rubbish yet."

I popped my head into the storage area. For a small building, it wasn't a bad size but there was a lot of crap left from the last occupants. It would have to be taken to the junk yard before we had a shipment.


I took a cab over the Red Rendezvous. The place was still quiet but I could feel that the crowd was soon going to start arriving. While I'm fond of the bar, my favourite part is the next floor up. There's an open mic area useful for band practice and a dance floor too. There's also a hot tub over in one corner, courtesy of Mr Dennis Racket. I should see who will come skinny dipping with me after practice, shouldn’t let that lovely hot tub go to waste.

Who am I kidding? I share that tub with Tania or not at all.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the band turned up. I drum, Tania is our lead guitar, MJ plays keyboards and Tatianna plays bass. We can lay out some good music these days and it won’t be long before the crowd downstairs wanders up here for a listen.

“Let’s do this thing. One, two, one, two three,” I started drumming - setting the rhythm for the music. In a couple of beats, the rest joined in following the pace. Tania is obviously the star of our band. I swear that woman could coax the stars from the skies with her music, if that happened to be her desire.

We played a good solid two hours, mostly just our usual set. A few oldies, a few recent, and Tania sneaks in a song or two that she’s written. A few people appreciated the music enough to donate some money to the band.

Cassidy seemed to really be into some of those new songs. She was cheering like there was no tomorrow.

After the sets, I had a chat to MJ. It’s been too long since I did.

“MJ, you are as gorgeous as ever. How are you?” Ok, I have to admit it. I flirt with MJ to watch her blush. She blushes so easily.

“You should be ashamed, married and kids, how can you flirt?”

“With you around, cutie, how could I resist?” I noticed Tania had noticed and was not at all happy with my actions. I gave her my best innocent shrug though I don’t think she really quite believes it.


"I'm not talking to you. How could you?"

"It's page 23 paragraph 5 in the Bad Boy Manual. 'Flirt without mercy.'" I gave her my best roguish grin. "You have known since forever that I am a bad boy."

She shook her head. "What am I going to do with my bad boy?" There was a look in her eye that suggested almost all was forgiven.

"Come skinny dipping with me in the hot tub?" I asked hopefully. "You know that will teach me a lesson."

"You rascal, that's not going to teach you anything useful."

"Well, maybe not but I think we'll both have fun."

It took some more coaxing but it was worth it. Tania is a beautiful woman and there is no one I'd rather share the hot tub with.


We went home and paid the sitter. I then told Tania the details that Ted told me. Which, of course, wasn’t a lot beyond the name of the destination and that I was officially a business man with an employee.

“Shrimp, you owning a business?” she giggled. “I know, I’m being rude but,” she paused giggling harder.

“You don’t have to tell me, Sweetheart. Worse, Ted says it’s all legit, which is just so not me. Can you imagine me as a corporate suit?”

She gave me a speculative look, then grabbed my hands. “I think you'd fill a suit fine.”

"So Tania." I paused, a moment too long.

"You know my answer, Shrimp. I am going with you."

"I know, sweetie. And it's a trip to France, how could I ask the love of my life to pass up on that."

"Then what were you going to say?"

"I've forgotten. It must not have been important."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell. “Ted’s probably at work. I’ll text him to come over tomorrow. He said he had something beyond the tickets to give us.” I pulled out my phone to sent the text. “Now, anything you want me to tell Ted while I'm typing the message?”

“No, not today.” I started typing the text.

I pressed send. “Well, you really should start packing. After all, you want to take the right stuff with you on your first big trip.”

I need to do a little bit of shopping tomorrow before. I have an idea about how to handle it if Tania not only wants to go overseas but also wants to accompany me while I tend to the business part of the trip. I hope just the travel will keep her happy. However, I don't think my lovely wife is going to accept that as a proposal.


  1. Jerod, your fans vanished. Did you scare them off?

  2. hmmn I sure hope he is not the cheating type, His flirting makes me think he has another reason he doesn't want his wife tagging along on the trip.

  3. Ha no i'm not scared off Jerod please stay!

    Aw i love that you kept Howie's storyline, i'm actually having him leave town in an upcoming chapter so it's perfect!

    I hope Shrimp's not going to be a mean boss to poor innocent Howie, but i'm kinda hoping he'll meet a girl and settle down :)

  4. Hi Hugzies, he is an evil Sim but he'll be true to his wife. Someone tried to murder him on his last trip, that's why he's not keen on taking her.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey Angiebeno

    Yes, I thought I'd use Howie's great love as the reason that he'd leave town. That you are having him leave is a nice coincidence.

    Shrimp was never mean to his Company crewmates, I doubt he'll be mean to Howie. And Howie is already romantically linked to a nice girl called Georgia Tomasi.

  6. If anyone is curious, here is Howie getting his heart shredded by the only girl he has ever loved. He's too cute to let wander out of Simspace forever.

  7. "Then what were you going to say?" "I've forgotten. It must not have been important." -- Hmmmm... I wonder what that was about. XD

    Definitely looks like things are starting out going well for Jerod--the business is set up with what seems to be a reasonably competent assistant, even if Jerod's a little bit uneasy about actually owning a legit business. XD

    Howie's story really is heartbreaking :( Poor guy... Cool to see a sim from another story, as well! I wonder how he'll settle in with Jerod as things pick up. ^-^

    lol--Jerod and Tania seem to still be getting on quite well. Yes, he's a flirt, but, she knew that when she married him... And a little 'make up woohoo' never hurt anyone. Especially in the hot tub. Hehe.

    Well, looks like they'll be off to France soon--I'm quite interested to see what happens there! The first time with Tania in tow... hm. I wonder if she'll help or hinder his progress?

    Look forward to seeing what happens next!

  8. Hey Kaleeko, :D We'll never know what Jerod was about to say.

    Yes, things are going pretty well, if a bit fast for Shrimp's liking. And legit is truly a bit odd for him.

    I have been wanting poor little Howie in Angiebeno's blog to succeed for ages. But the girl of his dreams just won't ever feel the same. So here he is. Angie specially uploaded Howie on my request, which was very sweet. Especially not knowing when or where he might turn up.

    Jerod and Tania are a good couple in spite of or because of their differences. And she does know marrying an evil guy has certain drawbacks - but make up woohoo is a very good thing.

    They will indeed be on their way soon.

    Thanks for the comments.

  9. :) Finally able to read this!

    Tania is such a supportive wife. “I think you'd fill a suit fine.” From the previous post, I can see that she's also a bit worried of her husband safety. That's understandable.

    Shrimp was having a rendezvous with his band. Though, he managed to flirt on MJ, I could see that his attention was only drawn to his lovely wife, Tania, which is so sweet, though typical guy... that's surely not the best move, Shrimp. Tania's tattoo looks very cool. Howie is such an interesting character and his story is so sad.

    Great pictures and lovely update, PiB!

    Now, let's see what will happen in France. I can't wait to find out!

  10. There's not a lot of question - Shrimp and Tania love each other. She is a bit worried about his safety - and he will about hers.

    He *tried* to flirt with MJ, she didn't want to flirt with a married Sim. :) But that's ok, In all honesty, Shrimp no longer throws any wants about other Sims.

    Howie's story is sad, no question. And in his original blog, he's just officially moved to Twinbrook. :)

  11. Jerod seems to be a bit of a smooth talker with the women. It was sweet to see him suggest the skinny dip with his wife. lol

    So they are going to be traveling together. Wonder how that will go?

    Oh and d'oh at his nickname. I haven't read anything about Jerod before so I didn't know his last name was Shrimpton, lol! *facepalm*

    I love Champs Les Sims so I look forward to seeing how their little trip goes. :)

  12. Jerod is quite the romancer when he wants to be. His lovely wife knew about it well before she agreed to marry him and he's usually quite good.

    You'll see how the travel goes soon.

    LOL - in the first tale, you'll find that he changed his last name so he's protected from anyone finding his background. His real name is Jerod Grant.

    It should be a very interesting trip, to say the least. :) Thanks for the comment

  13. Sorry for the delay, PiB! I've been a bit all over the place lately.

    First off, love the new header! It's so cool seeing all the pics from over he past few stories.

    Secondly, I really like that every post is named after a song that you can listen to while reading!

    Love that he's still so sweet on Tania after all this time. Their relationship is really quite adorable, and it's been really interesting to see it unfold from a fling to a commitment like that! The hot tub's making me all nostalgic for the first Jerod pieces, haha. I can't help it.

    Quite curious to know what he was going to say and how this mission will go with Tania by his side... On the one hand, it's France and it'll be really romantic for them. On the other, I get the feeling that there's something being left unsaid, and it won't be a smooth ride for anyone!

  14. I'm glad you like the header. I selected about 2 or 3 pics from each major story to create it.

    I really should go back through the first two Jerod stories and add grooveshark widgets to play their songs - I didn't start that till half through the second story. I know people *do* play the songs, which is cool.

    I really didn't think that Jerod and Tania would be that good a couple when I made them roomies at first. But after they kept throwing woohoo wants about each other regularly, I knew they did love each other.

    As for nostalgia for early Jerod pieces - I reread both stories to get into gear for this one.

    There is, of course, a twist in the tale, but that's for me to know and the rest of you to find out. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.


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